CMAW works hard to provide some of the best benefits in the trades and the CMAW  Target Pension is a solid and respected retirement planning tool. 


For decades, the CMAW Target Pension Plan has helped people like you achieve a secure retirement. The Plan now has about 2,600 members and beneficiaries receiving a pension, and another 2,000 active members still earning pensions.

Download the  Pension Plan Outline  to view a summary of the main Pension Plan


With the CMAW Benefit Plan, you get a comprehensive package of benefits covering health, dental, optical, hearing, life insurance and more.

Please see the attached  CMAW Benefit Plan booklet  with important information from the Board of Trustees. For more information please contact the Plan Office.

Pension and Benefits Administrator

CMAW works with
Bilsland Griffith

Bilsland Griffith Benefit Administrators

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